Louise AlexanderI passionately embrace each moment with purity of heart and integrity. I believe we'd have a global community powerful beyond recognition. I ask you to join me on this journey no matter what your background is, as I know with absolute certainty that we can impact and change lives forever using the resources we have. All we need to do is for us to band together and contribute some of our intelligence, creativity, knowledge, relationships, resources, wealth, money, love or time.


"To be, do, have and share...."

My Strengths:

  • Creativity
  • Lateral thinking
  • Compassion
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Genuine love of humanity and life
  • Strength and Integrity
  • Capable and willing union of intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional intelligences

My Virtues

  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Passion
  • Humanity
  • Fun

My Core Beliefs

  • I believe I am creative, capable, resourceful, and marketable
  • I believe I am an asset – professionally and personally
  • I believe I am able to reach my targets
  • I believe I am of integrity
  • I believe I am discerning
  • I believe I am able to speak my truth without fear of rejection or reprimand
  • I believe I have endurance
  • I believe success is a connection to my life purpose

My Rule: Be kind to others and always do your best

Birds of a Feather...

Birds of a Feather...

As a person I am driven to remind people that they are only what they are moment by moment. I don't believe it is helpful for anyone to determine much beyond the present moment. A person is no longer what they were yesterday, nor are they the person they wish to become. For this reason, it is quite unproductive to both personally dwell on your own circumstances and judge another's. Instead, I would hope a person would indulge in compassion and support - both for oneself and one another.

My beliefs stem from that of One. I believe we are One... we are part of One. I believe we are complete and our life is an extension of our completeness. It is for that reason, I believe we are capable of experiencing life from a place of acceptance and gratitude as we journey toward greater understanding and connection to our daily lives, despite the hardships we experience as a perfectly natural part of the journeying.

You are still going to have bumps in life just as you did when learning to ride a bike. The number of bumps is takes to ride a bike well, is probably the same for everyone. The difference only occurs in how quickly one chooses to cram those bumps in. Some of us appear fearless and determined, not because they are, but because the great sense of freedom there is in peddling without training wheels... the desire out ways the fear.

Life is what it is.. and some claim we have been dished up exactly what our soul craved. Yet it is our experiences, both good and not-so-good shape how we grow and help form who we choose to become. The trick is to learn how to manage those bumps – how to put on the stack hat – but more importantly to be able to take it back off again so we remain recognisable as the true person we really are.

The danger most of us face is, in packing on the stack hat and some of the much-needed protective clothing, we lose sight of who we are. We become lost somewhere under all the protective layers – despite knowing the golden rule - don’t take on the baggage... There are too many adults, and a growing number of suffering children in the world that, after each blow in life, have added yet another layer of protection. So much so, we fast become no longer recognisable and we end up so far away from our authentic and perfect selves.

And there lies the problem....

Yes, a helmet is handy at times and nobody denies you of it's protective nature. Sure, strap it on. And, occasionally you may need additional padding up when you know you are intentionally, or unavoidably heading toward partaking in an aspect of life that may be emotionally painful. Nobody wants to be hurt when pain and suffering  can be avoided or reduced. However, if you leave the protective gear on all the time, you run the real risk of not feeling at all - becoming numb to experiencing life to its fullest.

We need to remind ourselves that living is experiencing. Life is a duality of contrasts. Hot and cold, love and hate, loss and gain, new and old… Just remember, the helmet is a safety accessory... and as with all fashions, it serves a timely purpose and can equally become out-dated... and so... remember to take it off.

And so, there does come a time when you can no longer blame your circumstances for who you are. In part, we are a product of our thoughts and decisions. Like a bucket with a hole, no matter what or how often we top it up, until that hole has been mended, it will continue to leak. Our life is like a bucket and our emotion wounds are like the holes. If they go unaddressed, they will leak the fullness of our experience of life.

Let your true self be revealed.... and share who you are with the world.