Artist. Mother. Teacher.

I am a Conceptual Artist and Painter. My inspirations come from responses to life experiences.

I am identified as Artist, Mother and Teacher. First identified as an artist, I then became mother and finally teacher. When considered, much of my identity is a projection of the arrival and sequencing of these roles. My journey is a personal reflection on the practical daily workings of how each role interact, their co-existence and ability to bind all other aspect in my life. The process of making art under this theme is an opportunity to visually acknowledge my personal tussle with the inherent complexities and, constant negotiation and balancing of maternal and career roles and responsibilities. It is an intimate visual journal of my journey as Artist, Mother and Teacher.

My life is my artwork, and is therefore a self-portrait documenting my journey as Artist, Mother and Teacher as perceived by me. It is a projection of circumstances and influences - artistic, life and professional. It is fluid and ongoing. Currently they are in a state of balance, yet a seemingly simple shift in focus at any time may have the capacity for roles to become crucially neglected or intense and all absorbing. I am for those reasons, interested in identifying elements of ‘universal timing’ and free choice. Posed questioning of “When is it the right time?” in each role is apparent and somewhat sporadic. Whilst they interact beautifully together I can never truly suggest that either one aspect is explored to its full extent. Nor can I suggest when or if ever, they will. Water, in its fluid form, becomes the metaphorical description of the shifting borders between Artist, Mother and Teacher.

As such, time and timing is a prominent theme to serve as an unruly element and one of wisdom. When considered as a four-dimensional concept rather than as a projected two-dimensional illusion, ebbs and flows of experiences as artist, mother and teacher became the surface of my physical identity. It is the outer most layer of my body that over time physically exposes these motions. The notion of doors of opportunities opening and closing and the very personalised reactions to these are reflected upon and revealed. Consciousness of chance is instinctive but the full direction and form of these is usually anonymous. They often fall into the depths of darkness only to be considered in brief moments of contemplation. Only the reoccurring comfortable, familiar but still unpredictable themes of family and art are held.

So for me, the role of artist, mother and teacher is likened to the interconnectedness created by an eddy in a river, where each role floats unpredictably to the forefront and back again in a circular motion. My journey seems contrary to the main current and the rate of journey is somewhat haphazard and under constant negotiation. Rapid arcs thrust me into directions and then become balanced by small, idle moments of contemplation and rest. Occasionally they submerge with an overwhelming sense of desperation and despair. Other times they appear to order chaos and drift tightly together, nurturing each other. Whether each aspect appear isolated, taking on their own form and direction or not, they are never truly disconnected.

It is the somewhat non-definable influences and infinitely varied experiences in actual fact firmly form my identity. By themselves they may seem insignificant but once gathered, placed within a timeline and share, they form a current context of ‘me’ - Artist. Mother. Teacher. I invite the viewer on the shore looking at the river, to reflect on their interactions with life and become part of their own acknowledgement.


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